TI 505 Repair

Texas Instruments/Siemens & CTI CPU’s have some common fault symptoms. These symptoms include, but are not limited to the following:

  • In TISOFT Error: “Illegal Network”
  • No module good light
  • No communication between pc and cpu
  • No communication on network

We service the following models and more:

545 CPU’s

Part # Description
545-1101 CPU module 28k Word RAM PID and 2 Comm ports
545-1102 CPU module
545-1103 CPU 96kb memory
545-1104 545 CPU 192kb with profibus dp port
545-1105 CPU 96kb memory
545-1106 CPU module 192kb memory

555 CPU’s

Part # Description
555-1101 CPU module
555-1102 CPU module
555-1103 CPU Module 505 Series
555-1104 555 CPU 1.8mb with powermath
555-1105 555 CPU 384kb with powermath
555-1106 555 CPU 1.8mb with powermath

CTI 2500 Series CPU’s

Part # Description
2500-C100 CPU w/128K user memory
2500-C200 CPU w/256K user memory
2500-C300 CPU w/512K user memory
2500-C400 CPU w/3072K user memory