TI 505 Repair

Texas Instruments/Siemens digital input and output modules have some common faults. Here is a list of the associated symptoms:

  • No module good light
  • No input/output
  • One or more channels not functioning correctly
  • module cannot be calibrated
  • module repetatively blows fuses

We service the following models and more:

Digital Input Modules

Part # Description
505-4008(A) 24VAC 8pt, 250VAC input module
505-4208(A) 110VAC 8pt, input module
505-4308 24VDC 8pt input module
505-4408(A) 8pt 220VAC input module
505-4108 8pt 4-15VDC sink/source
505-4016(A) 24VAC 16pt input module
505-4116 15VDC 16pt input module
505-4216(A) 110VAC 16pt input module
505-4316(A) 24VDC 16pt input module
505-4416(A) 22VAC 16pt input module
505-4032(A) 24VAC 32pt input module
505-4132 15VDC 32pt input module
505-4232(A) 110VAC 32pt input module
505-4332 24VDC 32pt input module
505-4432(A) 220VAC 32pt input module
505-2580 16pt, isolated 110VAC sink/source
505-4317 Interupt module
505-4318 16pt. isolated interupt module 48VDC
505-4319 16pt. isolated interupt module 125VDC

Digital Output Modules

Part # Description
505-4508 24VDC 0.5A 8pt output module
505-4708 24VDC 2A output module
505-3508 8pt 24VDC 0.5A sinking
505-3708 8pt 24VDC 2A sinking
505-4516 24VDC 0.5A 16pt. source
505-4716 24VDC 2A 16pt. source
505-3516 16pt 24VDC 0.5A sinking
505-3716 16pt 24VDC 2A sinking
505-4532 24VDC 32pt 0.5A source
505-4732 24VDC 32pt 2A source
505-3532 24VDC 32pt 0.5A sinking
505-3732 24VDC 32pt 2A sinking
505-4608 110VAC 0.5A 8pt source.
505-4808 220VAC 2A 8pt source.
505-4616 110VAC 0.5A 16pt source
505-4816 220VAC 2A 16pt source
505-4632 110VAC 0.5A 32pt source.
505-4832 220VAC 2A 32pt source.
505-2590(A) 16pt fused isolated
505-4932(A) 32pt relay 4A.
505-4916(A) 16pt. relay 4A
505-4908 8pt 4A relay
505-5416 16pt 120VDC output
505-5417 16pt. relay 2A 48VDC supply
505-5432 32pt. 0.5A DC output
505-5518 16pt. High Currrent relay output.